Vendor and Dealer Information

There is no cost to become a Vendor or a Dealer on Doodah is sponsored by Independent dealers, dealer’s website Vendors and DMS companies. Located here

Independent Dealers will need to bulk post data daily using one of the hundreds of available vendors as mentioned above. To post free dealers must belong to their respective state independent dealers association. There is no exception. Franchised dealers may NOT post vehicles on is reserved for Independent dealers and private people wishing to sell their vehicle online. No dealer signup is necessary when bulk posting. By using one of the approved vendors you agree to the Terms Of Use (TOU) found here:

Vendors wishing to bulk post are welcomed. Register here Once registered go here first to upload your collection of dealers that will be submitting their inventories. IMPORTANT: You will need to resend an updated dealer list file every time you send an inventory file. This allows us to automatically add new dealers and delete old dealers. This method eliminates the need for each dealer to register at After you send the dealer list file, then send the Inventory file. In this file will be the inventories of your collection of dealers. Go here to download file format specifications. If needed go here to drop your file for testing. NOTE: use a .TXT file extension for vehicle data testing and a .DLR file extension for testing your dealer list file.

Vendors Note: Your respective company name will be displayed on the details page this will give much deserved credit to the Vendor while the dealership is aware of who posted their inventory.

Each dealership will be sent an email in regards to their new account and how to setup a password etc. Any question regarding posting please go here to submit your inquiry.

Dealership Additional Rules. Dealers may not use multiple vendors to post the same VIN number more than once. “AI” will detect “same VINS” “and same Dealer Id” if posted more than once. Both vehicles will be removed until the issue is corrected by either the dealer and or vendors. As mentioned above each dealership must be a member of their state independent dealers association. Notice of new dealers posting will be sent to the respective state association for policing. The respective associations have the tools to stop a dealer’s inventory from posting if a dealership has been flagged as a non member.

Views! You will notice on the details page of any given vehicle the word “VIEWS” accompanied by a number. Zero means that it has never been viewed, a 10 indicates viewing of 10 times etc. The more views a vehicle receives the less likely it would be displayed on the first page. Reposting a vehicle WILL NOT reset the views. However after a vehicle has been listed for 45 days the views are reset to 0. This gives each vehicle a second change at being placed on the first page.

Vendors and Dealers please view the full Terms Of Use (TOU)

Vendor’s technical issues to be aware of.

1: Dealers are unable to adjust vehicles on the Doodah website. If there is an adjustment to be made, adjust the vehicle in your DMS or posting software tool and resend the feed to Note: A dealer may delete any of their vehicles from if the need arises.

2: Problems with quotes " and commas , in data feeds (i.e: 20" wheels) will cause issues. Make sure you strip quotes and commas before you send the file.

3: Vehicles with no VIN number will be rejected. The system needs a VIN number - more from a legal standpoint that a technology point. The VIN number must be at least 8 characters. If you have a shorter VIN then add trailing zeros (0).

4: Pay attention to the field lengths in the data description file. For example: exterior color varchar(25) - placing more than 25 characters in this field will cause the feed to fail. We do not truncate. It is a requirement that integrators truncate before the data is sent.

5: No HTML mark-up. Don't even try – our database will flatly refuse any HTML or other type of markup.

6: As a vendor you will need to load one file with many dealers inventory we do not accept a single file for each dealership.